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Organization is important when you’re on the go. When you’re spending time at the gym, then quickly getting to the office or campus, you don’t have a lot of time to rummage through an unorganized bag. With our JimGear bag, there are separate compartments for all of your office and gym gear. And just because we go above and beyond, all of the pockets have additional mesh storage to keep your belongings secure and organized.

It’s all in the details, so here are some of ours:

  1. Small Item Storage: There’s a convenient front pocket to keep your valuables safe and to hold other small accessories, such as a jump rope or phone charger.
  2. Shoes / Other General Storage: Let’s face it, all shoes start to smell at some point, so we built a separate compartment for you to store those away from other items you’d like to keep not-so-smelly!
  3. General/Clean Clothes Storage: This is the perfect place for your non-electric items that need to stay neat, such as paperwork, books, other work related items, or clean clothes. There's also an extra clip built into this compartment for future accessories or if you decide this is the place for your dirty clothes pouch - versatility!
  4. Dirty Clothes/Gym Gear Storage: This compartment is specifically designed to carry all of the gear you may need for the gym, and it includes one of our favorite aspects of this bag-- the snap out storage pouch for dirty or wet items post workout. With our bag, it’s easy to keep the clean stuff away from the dirty. Your cube mate will thank you for it, for sure.
  5. Laptop/Tablet Storage: The body side compartment is great for storing notebooks, a tablet, and up to a 17” laptop. Since it’s the closest to the body, it’s the safest place to store expensive items.



Enjoy the benefit of larger storage capacity when you need it and the benefit of a tighter-feeling design when you don't. Our compression straps will keep your JimGear Backpack 2.0 feeling slim when you only need to carry a few items.


There’s nothing worse than getting a great looking bag only to have it fall apart within a few months or a year’s time. While our JimGear bag looks great, with leather accents to fit the office/professional style, it’s also made with a military grade nylon that ensures a durable exterior that’s built to handle the gym as well as regular travel.

There are high quality leather pulls on all of the exterior zippers, and we use only the highest grade YKK zippers. The top handle is made from seat belt material and wrapped in high grade leather.

We engineered this backpack carefully and thoughtfully, with only the best materials to last a lifetime.



Every JimGear bag comes with a convenient side pouch for easy access hydration, a quick access front pocket for all of your small valuables, and a convenient snap out pouch for your workout dirties. Nothing is worse than backpack straps that cut into your shoulders, so our bags have adjustable contoured shoulder straps with strategically placed padding for all day comfort. In fact, the straps are made of a self molding foam that will mold to your shoulders like your favorite pair of jeans molds to your bottom, The body panel also has carefully placed padding for comfort and breath-ability. There's also a removable sternum strap for additional comfort on those hauls through an airport or on your favorite hike.

Looks good and lasts! Win-win.

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