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Meet the JimGear Backpack 2.0

The Backstory

Hey! We’re Jim and James, the founders of JimGear. You know the kind of friends that feel more like family? That’s us. It probably has something to do with the fact that we’ve been friends for over 25 years, we’re both named James, and we both have dads named James, called Jim.

For over 5 years, we both carried two bags into work every single day: one for our office items and one for our workout stuff, and well, we got tired of it. That’s why we created the JimGear Backpack. To offer gym-goers a single bag durable enough for a daily workout, professional enough for a business meeting, and engineered well enough to keep everything in its place.

And once we designed what we believed to be the solution to our problem, we thought it only made sense to share this with others who might struggle with the same daily dilemma.

The Process

We drew out the first sketches of the bag ourselves, drawing inspiration from our personal experiences with other backpacks that had fallen short. Then over the course of only a few months, we advanced from brainstorming at a dining room table to digitizing our sketches into fully-to-scale, 3D illustrations in AutoCAD. Leaning on our engineering expertise to fine-tune our design down to the fraction of an inch, we painstakingly planned every aspect of the bag to ensure maximal utility and durability. 

Since we’re both sons of military veterans, we agreed that the JimGear Backpack must be fabricated entirely in the United States. So we began presenting our idea to manufacturers across the country. 

To our surprise, most U.S. manufacturers didn’t want to build the bag for us, because they felt it was too technical. To be fair, our standards are set very high. They encouraged us to research manufacturers in developing countries with low-cost labor, but we refused to give up. After months of searching, we finally found the perfect manufacturer in Colorado.

Introducing the JimGear Backpack 2.0

We’re excited to announce the launch of our newest product, the JimGear Backpack 2.0. After getting feedback from customers who purchased the original backpack, we decided to fine-tune the design even more and add a few new features to come up with what is now the 2.0. 

The 2.0 is everything the first gen backpack was: functional, versatile, and balanced. But with an even more sleek and functional design. The JimGear Backpack 2.0 handles everything: office gear and gym gear, and can stand up to everyday travel. It’s both professional and functional.


Optimized Design

When you’re spending time at the gym, then quickly getting to the office or campus, you don’t have a lot of time to rummage through an unorganized bag. With our JimGear Backpack 2.0, there are separate compartments for all of your office and gym gear. We've expanded the overall depth and height of the JimGear Backpack 2.0 to offer more space for all of your necessities. And we've optimized how this space is used to ensure that no single square centimeter is wasted. The result: more versatile storage without the feeling of added bulk.


All-New Compression Straps

We’ve also added compression straps to the side of the bag that allow the bag to have a tighter, more sleek feel when it isn’t fully packed. The addition of compression straps to the JimGear Backpack 2.0 allows users to enjoy the benefit of larger storage capacity when they need it and the benefit of a tighter-feeling design when they don't. Our compression straps will keep your JimGear Backpack 2.0 feeling slim when you only need to carry a few items.


Modified Shoe Compartment

In our original JimGear Backpack, the shoe compartment was confined to the width and depth of the compartment's borders, but with a modified design, the compartment is now expandable to allow for easier shoe storage.


Re-sized Internal Pockets

The size of all internal pockets have been modified—from a 70/30 split to a 50/50 split—for better overall usage.


Secondary Snap for Additional Snap-In Accessories

One of the most beloved features of the original JimGear Backpack was its snap-out dirty clothes pouch that allowed users to easily separate their clean clothes and professional items from their dirty gym clothes. We've expounded upon this snap-based feature in creating all-new snap-in accessories that are compatible with our secondary snap in the main storage compartment.


Five Color Combinations

In addition to our new design, features, and accessories, we will also offer the JimGear Backpack 2.0 in two new color combinations: a Black & Black variety as well as a Blush & Black variety.


Additional Accessories

We’ve even created two pouches you can purchase as add-ons to use with the added snap. The first is a lunch container made of neoprene that will keep your food cold on the way to work. The other is a tri-fold pouch with multiple compartments perfect for smaller items such as cords, cables, or even toiletries.

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