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Hey! We’re Jim and James, the founders of JIMGEAR. We met 25 years ago while working together, and over time we became really great friends. You know the kind of friends that feel more like family? That’s us. It probably has something to do with the fact that we’re both named James and we both have dads named James, called Jim. It gets better. We were both the first born sons in a family with 3 sons and both grew up in military families, so we have a lot to connect on.

One of us had been into fitness for over 30 years (we won’t throw anyone under the bus here, but spoiler alert, the fitness lover’s name starts with a J). However, it didn't take long for his passion to rub off on the other one of us. Since then, we’ve been working out and teaching functional fitness classes together for 5 years, and it's now our daily lunch hour routine.

Here’s the problem: over those 5 years, we carried two bags into work every single day. One for our office items and one for our workout stuff. Over the years we watched the other members of the class struggle with the exact same issue, too. So we relentlessly tried to find a bag to solve the problem, but we found nothing that really solved it in both a functional and professional way. Sometimes we came close, but it was never a complete success, and somehow we were always left longing for something better. The only logical next step was to design our own bag.

We wanted a backpack that could handle our office gear along with our gym gear, and could stand up to everyday travel. It had to be both professional and functional. We wanted to carry our laptops, tablets, workout gear, shoes, clothes and more. One of the biggest needs was a space to keep dirty clothes (and their stench) completely separate from everything else.

Once we designed what we believe to be the solution, we thought it only made sense to share this with others who certainly struggle with the same daily dilemma. Our hope is for the JIMGEAR backpack to assist in making your day easier and more organized.



Both our founders come from a long line of military service, so it goes without saying that our patriotism runs deep. We knew we wanted to honor our military fathers in some way and we knew we eventually wanted to add to our gym gear collection. We wanted it to be more than just gym gear though, so that’s how JIMGEAR was born. Named after our fathers (and really all four of us) and a play on words (obviously) JIMGEAR is more than just gym gear. It's a step above.

Because of our military ties, our love of our country, and our classic style, you’ll always find camo accents tastefully placed in our backpacks and bags.



The materials in each and every one of our bags are sourced and assembled on American soil, because we believe a country worth fighting for is a country worth supporting. But that’s not all. We also dedicate a portion of our profits every month to military families and causes across the country, because we feel it's important that we give back to the military community. We have a passion for education and feel the best way to bring them both together is to give a percentage of our profits to Folds of Honor. You can read more about this wonderful charity at

Additionally, we are proud to offer a  offer a 10% discount on all orders to active members of the U.S. Armed Forces, National Guard, and military reserve force, as well as veterans, retired personnel, military spouses, and Gold Star family members. Learn more about our military discount here.


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